NADA is AHRC Compliant

NADA South Africa is endorsed by the Addiction Action Campaign (AAC), Addiction Harm Reduction Compliancy Initiative (AHRC).

Addiction Harm Reduction Compliancy is a value that commits individuals and companies to a set of Principles, Compliancy Solutions and Processes which reduce the harm that addiction causes to society.

The AHRC Harm Reduction Principles…

  1. In reality, South Africa and corporates profit from the sale of certain products and services which are addictive in nature whether it is intentional or not.
  2. More people live with, and die from an addiction, than HIV/AIDS, therefore it is important for companies that profit from the sale of these products and services to commit to reducing harm.
  3. Addictive products and services cause harm to a certain percentage of the population of South African society.
  4. It is not desirable to profit from people who cannot control their consumption of addictive products and/or services. Individuals and corporates who profit from the sale of products and or services that are addictive in nature are accountable for reducing the harm that their products cause to society, because the profit that is generated from people whose lives are harmed can be measured.
  5. Companies that profit from addiction should measure the harm that their products cause to society and contribute financially towards harm reduction initiatives.
  6. The sad fact is more than 15% of South Africa’s population are problem drug users. This does not include alcohol misuse, nor does it include addictive behaviours such as pornography & gambling.
  7. Less than 1 % of South Africa’s population has access to addiction treatment because it is generally very expensive.
  8. Addition plays a massive contributing factor to crime in S.A.
  9. In order to reduce crime, addiction as an issue must be addressed with a comprehensive harm reduction strategy which includes education and accessible treatment.
  10. Therefore addiction harm reduction is a value that is not optional, but obligatory.

The Addiction Harm Reduction Compliancy Initiative has identified NADA South Africa as an organisation that is committed to reducing the harm that addictive products and services cause to society.

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