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Washington County’s Acudetox Release Program Threatened by Cuts

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The acupuncture component at Hillsboro, Oregon’s NADA-based treatment is offered with very little intake, available to drop ins, a barrier free service for people in the criminal justice system, in recovery. Acudetox services are also provided for migrant workers and the general public. Read the full article here…

Use of Acupressure Magnetic Pellets in the treatment of ADHD – Michael O. Smith, MD – Lincoln Hospital

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NADA To Train 5000 ADS’s In South Africa in 10 Years

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South Africa faces an addiction epidemic with more than 15% of the population as problem drug users. Treatment is inaccessible to the majority because it is extremely expensive. Considering that a NADA treatment costs around R20.00 per person per day, we believe that the NADA 5 Point is a workable solution to address these challenging issues.

Our vision is to train 5000 NADA ADS’s in South Africa in the 5 Point Protocol over the next 10 years.

For more information on training course dates, contact us for a NADA Registered Trainer near you. See also NADA Research and Acudetox for Trauma and PTSD.


The NADA 5 Point Protocol

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This video shows original footage from Lincoln Recovery Centre in South Bronx and the results that were achieved many years ago in New York. The same results are experienced today as well however nowadays there is plenty of research and anecdotal evidence on its efficacy.

Combining the NADA 5 Point Acudetox protocol with a recognised trauma counselling or addiction recovery program like the 12 Steps of AA or NA will ensure that you give yourself or your loved on the best chance at success possible in recovering from addiction.

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