NADA Cooperatives

A wonderful opportunity exists to start NADA community clinics anywhere in South Africa. These “Co-ops” are assisted with funding from the Department of Trade and industry with grants of R350000.00 each.

What is a cooperative?

A “Co-op” is a company with a minimum of 5 members. Each member has one vote, however each member may have a different shareholding. This means that although one member of the co-op may have a majority share in the company, they still only have one vote in terms of decisions that need to made within the company. This type of structure protects the interests on minor shareholders in that they still have an equal say.

How does a cooperative system work?

Once two co-ops are formed, a secondary level co-op can be formed which is made up of members from the first two primary co-ops. The secondary level co-op exists to perform functions for the primary co-ops such as marketing, stock purchasing and the funding and formation of more primary co-operatives. A secondary level co-operative can apply for a grant of up to R10 million. As more primary co-ops are formed, they are represented by having one of their members join the secondary level co-op.

Once a secondary level co-op is formed and is operational, a tertiary level co-op can be formed. A tertiary level co-op’s function is that of administration and advocacy. This ensures that the co-op system is well run, and that the interests of the co-op system are represented with government so that all of the co-ops are protected under the legislation of the laws of South Africa.

How do I start a NADA cooperative?

A minimum of 5 members are required to start a co-op. Each member must be NADA trained. Assistance with the formation of a co-op is provided by NADA itself, our attorney and a management consultant.


NADA SA chairperson Warren Whitfield 0725225325

NADA’s management consultant Tim Geoffreys 0828304039

NADA’s attorney Colin Geoffreys 0824320335

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