A submission is currently being formulated by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association of South Africa (NADA S.A.) and will be presented to the Minister of Health for approval. Once it is approved by the Minister, its faces public / portfolio committee hearings where the public and role players can express support or concerns. It is then presented before parliament as a bill and if approved, the new profession is legislated.

Only once this happens can prospective practitioners  apply for practice numbers under the new sub-register.

Currently, Warren Whitfield who is the Chairperson of NADA S.A. is the only registered Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist Trainer in South Africa authorised to train other NADA trainers. Any trainer who is registered with NADA S.A. is able to offer the course below. This course would suit anyone who is currently working with or who intends to work with people who have substance abuse problems. No previous experience or educational standards are necessary.  Only a sincere desire to learn, and a commitment to the NADA protocol is required.

Course fees

R7500.00. From time to time, NADA S.A. has full & partial bursaries for people intending to use the protocol in community outreach treatment facilities, however we do not have any bursaries available at this time. Contact us if you would like to sponsor the course fee of a student/s.


Course instruction, course manual, practice rubber ear rubber, needles and all other treatment materials. Supervised training after the theoretic period is completed as well as telephonic support as and when needed. First year NADA S.A. Membership fee of R650.00 /year.

Not included

Recommended reading:

These links go through to, but all of these books can be ordered through or Exclusive Books in South Africa and delivered within 21 days.

Training Period

30 hours of theoretic lectures which can be provided at your treatment facility or at a NADA S.A. approved training venue. Plus 40 hours of practice (+-50 documented treatments) which must be generally supervised by an approved and registered NADA S.A. ADS Trainer.

Payment terms

Full payment is required in advance when you book your course. Contact us here for details on how to book and upcoming course dates.

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