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The NADA US organization, established in 1985 to provide training and education in the technique, estimates today that over 25,000 providers worldwide have been trained in the procedure. Projects that offer the NADA protocol exist today in over 40 countries (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association, 2013). The settings in which the NADA model has been integrated include addictions, psychiatric/mental health, prisons, post traumatic stress centres, disaster relief, Native American reservations, refugee settings, pastoral care, humanitarian aid, sickle cell, cancer and HIV/AIDS care, case workers, volunteers, and harm reduction workers.


On the 7th of April 2014, NADA South Africa announced plans to train 5000 new ADS's in the NADA 5 Point Protocol over the next 10 years, to address the epidemic of addiction in this country. For more info click here

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